Under the wings of imagination I

Under the wings of imagination I - After The Programme

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     Seven days of hard work in international task groups creating the plot, mechanics and scenography resulted in creating a LARP never seen before. The LARP was written and played by participants from four different countries, in English. It features traditions, legends and national heroes from our countries, which were incorporated into the cosmology, beliefs, races etc. of the unique world we created.

The world is one of many seeds growing on the tree-universe. Confined in a shell, for ages it had been unchanging and undying until one day the shell cracked, when, as legend has it, one of the first human wise men and rulers set off to fathom the structure of the universe. As a result, wind permeated the world through the crack and disturbed the balance. Long winter set in and when the snow began to melt, seasons started to emerge along with corresponding gods. 

07-15.01.2010 ‘UtWoI I’

Here are the photos from first part of our project.

Under the Wings of Imagination I - Preparatory meeting

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APV, Youth In Action, Action 1.1

„Under The Wings Of Imagination I”

04.12.2009 – 06.12.2009 Motycz Leśny n. Lublin Poland


     On December 4, after receiving our Italian and Bulgarian partners at the airport in Warsaw we went to the Youth Meetings House in Motycz Lesny. Then we went for dinner in Lublin, where several members of “Grimuar” joined in. We were enjoying a lively chat but the weariness after a whole day’s journey soon convinced us to get some sleep. After all, we had a whole day of work ahead of us.

Under the Wings of Imagination I - Before the programme

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    During our nine-day meeting in an educational centre in Motycz Leśny nearby Lublin, we got to know each other in a group of 36 peopleand showed one another how fantastics – our passion, could help in building a language of communication between young people from Poland, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey.


We had two main goals: (a) developing strategies for acquainting young people with fantastics (b) writing and executing an international theatrical role playing game (LARP), where all the participants created the storyline by playing their roles. We achieved these aims in organizing various presentations and workshops about native role playing games systems, historical and legendary figures from our countries, fantasy literature from our partner countries, and historical outfits, among others.


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