Imaginary Realms Script Writers


   On the 2nd of September 2016, a seminar about a non-formal education method called Live Action Role-Playing Games has ended in Potoczek near Zamość. During this week-long meeting youth projects coordinators, participants of previous exchanges along with many new volunteers discussed the effects of this method, but also tried to refine details of this method in order for it be more effective in the future.


The meeting was also attended by participants with disabilities, who gained experience in the topic of the seminar. One of the most important tasks was to check if the already existing scenarios need to be corrected in any way for them to fulfill the needs of disabled people. We also created new scenarios. 


Conclusions of our discussions were recorded electronically by our participants. Right now we work on preparing the material for our publication entitled ‘Imaginary Realms Scriptwriters’. 


The publication will be distributed by the seminar’s organizer, ‘Zamojskie Voluntary Centre’ and by project’s partners. Thanks to this, the discussed method will be used more effectively in future projects. 


Apart from work, the group also had the opportunity to learn about the host organization from Zamość, see the Roztoczański National Park, Zamość and Lublin.


The project was organized as a part of Key Action 1 of the European Erasmus+ programme, ‘Youth’ sector.

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