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Gate of Dreams

posted on 2016-12-20 by Andrzej Smyk


   ‘Gate of dreams’ is the name of international youth exchange which is organized in frames of Erasmus+ programe, sector Youth. Young people from Poland, Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania have prepared application and will apply for february deadline. It means that we want to meet in summer in Poland if our project will be accepted by Polish National Agency of Erasmus+ programme.


Our youth exchange gives big chance to develop eight key competences which are very important for young people. We will use out talents and ideas to create big Live Action Role Play for more than 30 people and to play it together. We will also advertise possibilities of Erasmus+ programme in our local society. Project will be advertised by video documentary which will appear on our site. Keep fingers crossed ;-)

Imaginary Realms Scriptwriters Documentary

posted on 2016-11-10 by Andrzej Smyk


   We would like to invite you to watch movie which advertises our project ‘Imaginary Realms Scriptwriters’ (Erasmus+ ‘Youth, Key Action 1, Mobility of youth workers). You can find there a lot of opinions of people involved in whole process.


We really hope that you will like it. CLICK HERE.

Imaginary Realms Scriptwriters Tips

posted on 2016-10-31 by Andrzej Smyk


   We wanted to present you one of the results of our international Erasmus+ ‘Youth’ Seminar which took place in Poland at beginning of september. You can find here elementary info about LARPs and tips about typical mistakes and strong moments in LARPs. Very important part of publication are interviews with our participants who give information what to do to fit with secenario to needs of dissabled participants.


You can check it HERE:

‘Imaginary Realms Scriptwriters’ – after the seminar

posted on 2016-09-04 by Andrzej Smyk


On the 2nd of September, a seminar about a non-formal education method called Live Action Role-Playing Games has ended in Potoczek near Zamość. During this week-long meeting youth projects coordinators, participants of previous exchanges along with many new volunteers discussed the effects of this method, but also tried to refine details of this method in order for it be more effective in the future.


The meeting was also attended by participants with disabilities, who gained experience in the topic of the seminar. One of the most important tasks was to check if the already existing scenarios need to be corrected in any way for them to fulfill the needs of disabled people. We also created new scenarios.

Our LARP during Erasmus+ youth exchange in Poland

posted on 2016-07-30 by Andrzej Smyk


  Young people from Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Czech Reepublic had chance to play our LARP ‘Where is Laura’. Game was a part of international youth exchange ‘Talking Heads’ in frames of Erasmus+ Youth. During the project young people were discussing important European topics such as: active citizenship, chances for young people, interculturality.


Game was perfect energizer for discussions later on. Group had a lot of fun, game helped them to open and be more confident in next workshops. Check our gallery ;-)

Next LARP during Erasmus+ Youth Exchange n. Lublin, Poland

posted on 2016-07-15 by Andrzej Smyk

   Main goal of International youth exchange ‘Elections in city M’ was to reinforce feeling of being part of local society among young people. Project was organized by Happy Childhood Foundation from Lublin and LARP was one of the methods which helped to discuss main topic of the youth exchange.


We invite you to check galery from Live Action Role Play during this project.

Imaginary Realms Scriptwriters - Application is ready

posted on 2016-02-02 by Andrzej Smyk


We want to meet In Poland with participants who were involved in our theatre projects focused on Live Action Role Play non formal education method. We will discuss the best scenarios created during past years and publish it. Scenarios cover topics of social exclusion, youth politics, problem of disability and topic of interculturality.


We will engage scenario writers from non formal Live Action Role Play network team and participants of previous training courses and youth exchanges. Where they were creating their own games.

Let’s Be Game Changers in Romania!

posted on 2016-02-01 by Razvan Rotariu


 Our project “Let’s Be Game Changers” will be a training course that will bring together 23 youth workers from 9 different countries in Europe, for a period of 9 days of activity, days in which we will tackle the issue of social discrimination, inclusion for minorities from our local communities and we will develop competences on using Live Action Role Play as a tool in our daily struggle to create a multi-cultural and inclusive community in Europe.


Through our project “Let’s Be Game Changers”, we want to focus on several important aspects for the participants in this project and the beneficiaries of our partner organizations:

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