You(th) Are Creating An Inclusive World


„You(th) are Creating an Inclusive World!”

Erasmus+, KA1

03-11.10.2014, Melnik, Czech Republic


“You(th) are Creating an Inclusive World!” is a training course for youth workers, youth leaders and social workers that are working with youth/youngsters with fewer opportunities. The training course will be held in Czech Republic, Mělník and will getter 25 youth workers from Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Spain, Italy and Portugal.


The main aim of the project is to present LARP (Live Acting Role Play) and role-play as a non-formal tool to promote tolerance and inclusion.


During the training activities the participants will have the opportunity to share their experience and earn more knowledge and also to earn practical skills on creating sessions using non-formal tools on the topic of inclusion. So the participants will get to know more about inclusion, tolerance and disadvantages group. Also the participants will have the opportunity to experience and create role-play and LARP games on inclusion.


The objectives of the project are following:

-developing the competence of the 25 participants to use LARP as a working method;
-promoting tolerance and inclusion by using different non-formal methods;
-gain more knowledge about inclusion and groups with fewer opportunities;
-creating a blog page/ PDF guide how to use LARP to promote inclusion;
-to develop the skills of the participants to create LARP scenario on inclusion;
-developing the partnership between partners non-profit organization;
-developing the cooperation and participation of 25 youth workers and youth leaders from different European counties on inclusion;

Organizer: TMELNIK, Czech Republic

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