„The Curtain”

Youth in Action, Action 3.1

04-13.10.2012, Motycz Leśny n. Lublin, Poland


     We are young people from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Poland. We have different nationalities, we are a part of various cultures and traditions. However there is one thing which connect us , we have polish roots and tremendous passion – theatre.


Our great – grandparents were forced by history had to leave their country , others went abroad to find a job, for some of us shifting boundaries made that now we are outside the Republic of Poland. We want to exchange the knowledge about ourselves : who we are and what are our relations with Poland. How it is to be a Polish with citizenship of different country.


Our tool will be theatre in different forms. We were induced by common meeting during convention of polish colony organizations from all over the world, which took place in Poland near Rzeszów in year 2011. Thanks to our project we will know each other better and we will be able to compare our life situations, we will do this in place where history of our families began - in Poland.


Project ‘ The Curtain’ is our homecoming and searching our identity. Prearranged methods of working : simulation game, workshop (theatrical , decorations, artistic ), city game , oxford debate, presentation , discussion, team building, intercultural communication, language animation, evaluation, open space, cultural evening.


Effects of project : exhibition which will present our project in the center of students culture in Lublin, commercial our action in media, next projects with Polish colony. Young people will spread the knowledge acquired during the program in their local communities.


04-13.10.2012 ‘The Curtain’

International Youth Project, Youth in Action, Action 3.1

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