„Imaginary Realms”

Youth in Action, Action 4.3

08-15.09.2012, Motycz Leśny n. Lublin, Poland


     The participants of the Imaginary Realms evaluation meeting are social workers, international projects coordinators, youth workers, who have participated in European projects ,for the last three years, based on an innovative method of non-formal education – LARP (Live Action Role Playing).

Our task is to analyze actions in terms of fullfilled projects and on that basis, figure out hints that would help with future international youth meetings. Due to that we will rise the use of methods promoted by us to the higher level. Planned work methods are: presentation, workshop, discussion, open space, lecture, theater plays, city game, cultural evening, working in international groups.

The result of the project will be guidance(paper and electronic) for coordinators of international projects including our experience with the implementation of projects throughout the last three years. We will also elevate the value of programmes realised in near future thanks to sharing experience from our work , not only in local environment but also in international cooperation.


08-15.09.2012 ‘Imaginary Realms’

Evaluation meeting for coordinators of Under the wings of imagination project

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