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Our next publication is ready!

posted on 2012-12-04 by Andrzej Smyk


From today we are proud owners of our next publication - ‘Imaginary Realms - Youth in Action LARP Projects Handbook’. Book was prepared during 4.3 project “Imaginary Realms - evaluation meeting for the coordinators and partners of ’Under the wings of imagination’ “.


We shared our experience from previous projects and gave some tips for future coordinators how to work with groups using theater methods. It was great summary of our work on the projects in last 3 years. We hope that it’s not the end and we will be bigger and bigger ;-)

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Imaginary Realms evaluation meeting - Our LARP

posted on 2012-09-20 by Andrzej Smyk


Idea: We are in the Middle Ages. There are three groups – royal aristocrats in the castle, poor people in the village and magic creatures in the forest who all need to resolve several problems.  Each has different agendas – the Prince is to be crowned the next week and is scared that his secrets of the past will be revealed; the queen has a lover with whom she is plotting to overthrow the prince; the Witch wants to get her payback.


And at the same time each has their own affairs to handle – the girl who wants to find out who and where her parents are, the ghost of the future King’s bastard daughter who wants to be resurrected, her mother who wants retribution from the King, the silly Joker, various love affairs etc. In the middle of all this there are magic creatures who are looking for answers – the Elves are dying and they need to find out why. There are also several personalities who know much more than the others, such as the Innkeeper, the fortune teller and the Wiseman.

Imaginary Realms - Evaluation meeting

posted on 2012-08-05 by Andrzej Smyk


We will evaluate all the LARP projects in september! Here is description of our meeting:


The participants of the Imaginary Realms evaluation meeting are social workers, international projects coordinators, youth workers, who have participated in European projects, for the last three years, based on an innovative method of non-formal education – LARP (Live Action Role Playing).

Ride the wings of imagination in Hungary

posted on 2012-01-20 by Andrzej Smyk


International training ‘Ride the wings of imagination’ was approved by Hungarian national agency. It means that we will meet again to share our passion. This time in Hungary.


After three year of our projects about 25 organisations are involved in advertising Live action role play method. We are very happy to have this adventure with all of you. See you soon!

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