„Land of imagination”

Youth in Action, Action 4.3

5-12.09.2011, Motycz Leśny n. Lublin

Training under the patronage of the President of Lublin


From 5th to 12th of September 2011, in Motycz Leśny  was held a meeting of youth workers, coordinators of international projects, academic teachers and empoyees of non-governmental organizations from all over the Europe. According to the project co-finansed by Action 4.3 of ‘Youth in Action’ program, we taught how to implement  methods of non formal education, which we promote, especially the life role playing games.


 Methods of work were chosen as a result of our experience  gained during the projects we have run in Poland and abroad due to Action 1.1 through the last years, which were based on the life role playing games


 The participants of the project took part in many thematic workshops such as:


The pedagogy of theatre- these workshops showed how to prepare the group to act their characters in the life role playing game in a short time.


The pedagogy of experience- classes let us use in a practic way the experience that the group have gained in further realising the main purposes of the meeting.


The life role playing game- we presented this method in theory and also we had opportunity to play a big game for couple of hours, which was an official test of the knowledge we aqiured during the project.


Language animation- thank to these workshops we added expressions and phrases in participants’ languages to the project. They enriched our theatre workshops and helped to enlarge the script of the game with new interesting intercultural elements.


Except for the workshops mentioned above, we devoted a lot of time to talk over and present theatre decorations, artistic make up and the value of the props used in the game.


In our free time we actively did some sightseeing of Lubelszczyzna and presented our ideas for group work during the program trips. The participants took part in a Flash Mob in Kaziemierz and in a City Game in Lublin, which were pepared for them before.


As a result of our project, we strenghtened cooperation with organisations which already work with us by promoting LARPs in Europe ( Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania), and also started cooperation with other partners according to this area.


Moreover, we spread the operations started by our organisation three years ago due to Action 1.1 projects.


Organisations taking part in the project have increased their tool potential in working with the youth by a new innovative method, which will improve the quality of youth projects in future.


After finishing our meeting, the youth connected with our partner organisations was trained and  now  joins the administration team of our website created due to Action 1.1 project (Imaginaryrealms.org) and also prepare its own projects based on LARPs. As far as we know, thank to our activities our partners from Lithuania and Hungary apply at 1st of November to their National Agencies for more  adventures with theatre games. 


Organisations from Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and Italy took part in the meeting.


05-12.09.2011 ‘Land Of Imagination’

Land Of Imagination - Training, Youth In Action, Action 4.3

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