“Beggars in Spain” by Nancy Kress

posted on 2011-02-06 by Kalina Palczewska


   Many of us wish we could get by with less sleep. Beggars in Spain extrapolates that wish into a future where some people need no sleep at all. Nancy Kress, an award-winning author of novels, short stories, and columns on writing, has created another thoughtful but dramatic statement on social issues.


Leisha Camden was genetically modified at birth to require no sleep, and her normal twin Alice is the control. Problems and envy between the sisters mirror those in the larger world, as society struggles to adjust to a growing pool of people who not only have 30 percent more time to work and study than normal humans, but are also highly intelligent and in perfect health.

“Ice” by Jacek Dukaj

posted on 2011-01-24 by Michał Ziemichód


     “Ice” is a novel written by the Polish science fiction writer Jacek Dukaj. The novel mixes alternate history with science fiction elements, especially with physics and logic. It was printed and published in Poland in 2007 and will be published in English and other languages in June 2012. In December 2007, the book received the honorary prize at the ‘Poznań Review of New Publications’ and was named “Book of Autumn 2007” organized by ‘Raczyński Library‘ in Poznań.


The story of the book takes place in an alternate universe where the First World War never occurred and Poland is still under Russian rule. Following the Tunguska event, the Ice, a mysterious form of matter, has covered parts of Siberia in Russia and started expanding outwards, reaching Warsaw. 

“Metro 2033” by Dimitry Glukhovsky

posted on 2011-01-23 by Michał Burzyński


   Metro 2033 is a fantasy novel written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The book first appeared online in 2002 and has later become an interactive experiment, drawing in thousands of readers from around Russia. In 2005 it was printed by an established publisher and has become a nationwide bestseller.  A book deal was not long in coming and with a videogame adaptation soon after, Metro 2033’s extraordinary success seems fated to continue.                                                       

After the nuclear holocaust the humanity is extinct. Only few survivors found a shelter in the Moscow subway system. About 100 stations became each one a city-state with their own ideology, alliances and wars. However, flesh-eating mutants known as Dark Ones also dwell in the tunnels making contact and travel dangerous.

“The Mask” by Stanisław Lem

posted on 2011-01-23 by Aleksandra Dec


When all your life is a mystery… And the only feeling you have is a hesitation of who you are… When your destiny must be confronted with your emotions… World between technological advanced reality and feudalism. An insect-shaped robot is sent with a mission of killing a scientist called Arrhodes.


In the first part you can see the robot in a disguise of a beautiful woman, who knows nothing about her origin and true life. The beginning that it remembers is darkness and cold flames. After it wakes up, it realizes that it is a participant of a ball, where nobody knows it. No one besides the King. Everything looks so familiar to the creature but it feels there like a stranger.

The Children of Húrin

posted on 2010-10-15 by Veselina Nikolova


     It was called the new book of J. R.R. Tolkien in 2007 but Narn i ChînHúrin, The tale of the children of Húrinis one of the oldest stories written about the Middle Earth, many years before The Lord of the Rings came out in this world.  Tolkien wrote an epic poem called The Lay of Children of Húrin in 1910s which in the course of the time was revised many times and never finished.  In this book, however, you will find a completed version.


If you have read The Silmarilion and The Unfinished Tales, you would not be much surprised reading the new edition of the tale, but in my opinion the tragic life of Túrin Turambarand Niënor Níniel, really deserves to have its own covers and to be published as an independent book, without interruptions, from the beginning till the end.

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