„Under the wings of imagination III”

Youth in Action, Action 1.1

31.01-07.02.2011, Vente, Lithuania


During the period of January 31st – February 7th Lithuanian Youth Center has organized a project “Under the Wings of Imagination III” which took place in Vente village, Lithuania. 32 participants from Turkey, Hungary, Poland and Lithuania came together to get to know each other better and to develop their imagination.

The core theme of the project was based on fantasies and playing LARP (Live Action Role Playing). During the project, three groups got the same scenarios for the LARP which defined the beginning of the game but later the games evolved and became completely different.  The main goal of the LARP is to improve creativity and interpret the character in a unique way. One of the participants articulated that LARP game can also be perceived as a parallel of life – we all start at the same point but you can never guess how it will end.

“LARP gave me an opportunity to know myself better – I have discovered feelings that were unknown for me. While playing you have to look for hints in others’ behavior to guess what will happen next which requires trust in your playmates which also makes you dependant from others. On the other hand, it helps to build strong connections.” stated Vaida Bajalyte, a member of the Lithuanian group.

During the project participants made decorations for the game, were involved in discussions, attended workshops, were visiting gymnasiums in Šilutė and performed flash mobs in Klaipėda city. The feelings about the Project were very different:

“The project  gave me an opportunity to get to know other countries and helped me destroy cultural and language barriers. Also, the project gave me an experience which can be used in the future.“ said one of the participants of the project Michal Burzynski.

 “Having contact with different cultures without being merely a tourist is an unaffordable advantage. Furthermore, being a part of such kind of project also means that you are having fun by creating rather than consuming. These kinds of projects, in our opinion, are perfect opportunities for those who look for improving their intercultural experiences.” member of the Turkish group Mustafa OZTURK.

Groups also performed several flash mobs at one of Klaipeda shopping malls. While acting like frozen statues and repeating the same movement young people challenged visitors of the shopping center.

“On the other hand, the fact that even to perform a flash mob which is nothing but standing still requires you to get a permission makes you wonder what kind of society we live in. Still, while representing different cultures and having various socio-economical & socio-cultural backgrounds we managed to experience this unique and complete moment together, as one group.”  Ozgehan USTUK (Turkey).

The flash mob in the shopping mall was great fun. I wanna do it again in my home country!” expressed her feelings Kinga Harskuti, a member of the Hungarian team.

The organizers of the project expect that others will follow the example and create opportunities for young people from different countries to celebrate intercultural experiences more often. Project “Under the Wings of Imagination” was financed by “Youth in Action” program which is founded by European Commission. The program gives an opportunity for young people to initiate and participate in projects abroad and in their native countries. In addition to this, you do not have to be a member of an NGO - young people can apply for the project as an independent group.

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