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Our partners about the training

posted on 2011-10-05 by andrzej


Here you can find short info about ‘Land Of Imagination’ training on the site of our Lithuanian partner.

‘Land of imagination’ Summary

posted on 2011-10-01 by Andrzej Smyk


From 5th to 12th of September 2011, in Motycz Leśny  was held a meeting of youth workers, coordinators of international projects, academic teachers and empoyees of non-governmental organizations from all over the Europe. According to the project co-finansed by Action 4.3 of ‘Youth in Action’ program, we taught how to implement  methods of non formal education, which we promote, especially the life role playing games.


Methods of work were chosen as a result of our experience  gained during the projects we have run in Poland and abroad due to Action 1.1 through the last years, which were based on the life role playing games.


05-12.09.2011 ‘Land Of Imagination’

Land Of Imagination - Training, Youth In Action, Action 4.3

Promotion of our book (26-29.04.2011)

posted on 2011-04-29 by Andrzej Smyk


Polish German Youth Collaboration training for youth workers took place in Motycz Leśny n. Lublin in Poland. “Under the wings of imagination” project was important part of the presentation about Live action role playing games.


Every participant could see how to prepare the book with LARPs, and how to use it as a non formal learning tool. It was a part of our plan with advertising fantastics, LARPs and effects of our project in Poland.

“Land of imagination” - application is ready

posted on 2011-04-02 by Andrzej Smyk


The next step in our project is to meet together with youth workers for a training about Live Action Role Playing. Application is ready and we are waiting for answer till june. Keep the fingers crossed. Here is description of our idea:


The participants of the ‘Land of Imagination’ training course are experienced and highly educated youth workers, who represent organizations from all over Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Italy and Hungary. The main topic of our meeting are the possibilities of implementation an innovatory method in an informal education which is called LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game). 


posted on 2011-02-12 by Andrzej Smyk


Well. We have quite good background to start something very big.


The idea is to meet one time a year in every country in the world to play international LARP with all of our friends who are involved in ‘Under the wings of imagination’ project. 

Four different countries connected through fantasy

posted on 2011-02-09 by Participants of the project



During the period of January 31st – February 7th Lithuanian Youth Center has organized a project “Under  The main goal of the LARP is to improve creativity and interpret the character in a unique way. One of the participants articulated that LARP game can also be perceived as a parallel of life – we all start at the same point but you can never guess how it will end.


“LARP gave me an opportunity to know myself better – I have discovered feelings that were unknown for me. While playing you have to look for hints in others’ behavior to guess what will happen next which requires trust in your playmates which also makes you dependant from others.

Article about ‘UtWoI III’ in the main Lithuanian newspaper

posted on 2011-02-08 by Martynas Norbutas


HERE you can find article about our project. This is the website of main Lithuanian newspaper. Enjoy [if you know lithuanian] ;-)

Flash Mob

posted on 2011-02-04 by Martynas Norbutas


     We decided to prepare the next flash mob for local community. Action took place in big shopping centre in Klaipeda.


The whole group was involved in this idea and we results are visable on the internet site of the biggest regional newspapper. You can check it in HERE

Our project in newspapper

posted on 2011-02-03 by Martynas Norbutas

Article about the project “Under the wings of imagination III” is in one of the most popular lithuanian newspapers. You can find it in HERE

First day of Under the wings of imagination III

posted on 2011-02-01 by andrzej

All participants are already in Vente village. Trip was long and quite hard. Polish group needed to go through snowy roads in the big fog, but  view of the landscape was amazing specially at the end of the road. Hungarian group needed to go to Warsaw, and from there to Klajpeda through Vilnius. Everything because of plane’s delay.


We were tired yesterday, but everyone was happy to see the new place and new people. Today is tuesday and we have integration from very beginning of the day.

Let’s start again

posted on 2011-01-30 by andrzej

     In a few hours polish group of fantasy fans is going to Lithuania. We will meet other fans from Lithuania, Hungary and Turkey. HERE is the place. First effects of the third part of Under the wings of imagination project already exists on our site. You can check new reviews in library section.


Meeting starts tomorrow afternoon. We will have fun with funtastics till 7th of february. You will find a lot of news on our web site in next few days. We will try to update the site with galleries, articles and news everyday.

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