Ayreon - A journey through space and time

posted on 2010-09-30 by Veselina Nikolova


    Have you ever wanted to be on a journey through time and space into different dimensions? If you want this I can help you with one single word – Ayreon. It’s not the name of a new discovered project of Einstein though you can find somewhere there E=mc2.  It’s a project but a musical one and its founder is called Arjen Anthony Lucassen from the Netherlands. 


He and his minstrel Ayreon, who is a character from the first album and the project is named after him, will be your guides in this unique journey starting from The Dark ages where you will meet Merlin and the knights of round table, going through scientists from the future, who are trying to save the planet Earth, entering into the Electric castle where you will meet a bunch of different people, from an Egyptian to a hippie.  

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