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Our patronage

posted on 2009-12-27 by andrzej

Our project, “Under the Wings of Imagination” has got media patronage: Radio Centrum and an internet portal Paradoks.

Arrival details

posted on 2009-12-26 by Andrzej Smyk

We already know some of our partners’ arrival details:


Turkish group

   arrival: Fryderyk Chopin airport in Warsaw, 07 I 2010 7:00 p.m.
   departure: Fryderyk Chopin airport in Warsaw, 15 I 2010 1:20 p.m.

Radio Lublin will talk about us

posted on 2009-12-24 by andrzej

Radio Lublin informed us about assigning a group of journalists who will report our work on the project. This means that information about our project will be broadcast by Radio Lublin during the project.

Searching for media

posted on 2009-12-22 by andrzej

Today we have made a request for our project to be held under the auspices of Radio Lublin.

The preparatory meeting finished on 6th December

posted on 2009-12-07 by andrzej


On December 4, after receiving our Italian and Bulgarian partners at the airport in Warsaw we went to the Youth Meetings House in Motycz Lesny. Then we went for dinner in Lublin, where several members of “Grimuar” joined in. We were enjoying a lively chat but the weariness after a whole day’s journey soon convinced us to get some sleep. After all, we had a whole day of work ahead of us.

After their incredibly long journey the Turkish group joined us on Saturday and after a quick breakfast we went on to present the partners and discuss the programme of the exchange.

Preparatory meeting in december

posted on 2009-11-30 by andrzej

     The preparatory meeting of the program ‘’Under the wings of imagination’’ will be held on 04-06 XII 2009 in Motycz Leśny near Lublin. Following participants will take part in the meeting: Petya Kulina, Veselina Nikolova (International Initiatives for Cooperation – Razlog, Bulgaria), Gloria Bandello, Paolo Ciriolo (Your European Twins – Specchia, Włochy), Murat Turkyilmaz, Basar Cakici (Sivas Educators Association - Sivas, Turcja), Andrzej Smyk (Happy Childhood Foundation – Lublin, Polska), Malwina Otto, Łukasz Kita, Marcin Słowikowski, Dorota Trojanowska, Daniel Krzaczkowski, Radosław Kryśko (Club of Fantasy Friends and RPG Gaming Grimuar – Lublin, Polska).

Join us on Facebook

posted on 2009-11-04 by andrzej

On the social networking website Facebook we created a group devoted to our project. Do you want to see the profiles of other people, do you want to be in touch with them before our program? Join Us

We will meet very soon!

posted on 2009-10-27 by andrzej

    The project ‘’Under the wings of imagination’’ registered under the number PL-11-270-2009-R4 was accepted on 26th October 2009 by the Board of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System due to the recommendation of the Evaluation Committee of the Program ‘’Youth in Action’’. The co-financing amounts 21 845,80 Euro.

The Project Has been accepted for evaluation

posted on 2009-09-15 by andrzej

The Project ‘’Under the wings of imagination’’ has been accepted for evaluation by the National Agency under the number PL-11-270-2009-R4. It means that we didn’t make formal mistakes. The decision concerning the motion will be made by…

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