Let’s be game changers - international Training Course

posted on 2017-06-28 by andrzej


  The main objective of the project was to educate youth workers on the benefits and merits that Live Action Role Play can have as a tool for social inclusion.

In order to obtain the main goal, we have set out a series of specific objectives that will better focus the work that we need to do in order to obtain our goal:

a) To create an environment to sustain healthy collaboration between the 16 participants coming from 7 countries, for the duration of the project.

b) To develop the competences of the 16 youth workers on the topic of social inclusion among youth

c) To capacitate 16 youth workers, social workers and volunteers to work with the LARP method through a training of 6 days.

d) To promote the cultures and traditions through the 16 participants coming from the partner countries during the implementation stage of the project.

Project was organized by Romanian organization Evolution and involved partner organizations from Poland, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Estonia.


Project in frames of European Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 1, sector ‘Youth’.

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