‘The Rebels’ in Poland

posted on 2017-08-09 by Maria- Gabriela Mihalache



During the international youth exchange ”Gate of Dreams”  togheter with Karolina and Andrzej, we prepared a script for a LARP  called ”The Rebels”. This scrip was  constructed in such a way that it would fit up to 33 players with different characters which had to be connected with 3 different backgrounds.


One of the hardest things when you have to create a LARP is that it has to be realistic. Characters have to be connected and have some general tasks in order for players to know how to begin   the   game. There need to be an effective game mechanic and the background should fit to the story.


It is quite hard to make a person who has never played LARP before understand what must be done during the game, so as a Game Master, I needed to communicate with players who never played before, because they didn’t know  how to behave, so they felt weird. Of course, as a game master, I have no right to tell what should be done because the action is based on creativity, improvement and self perception of the given story.


After an hour of playing the game, it was visible that they started to get into their roles and behave accoriding to their character.


In this game we tried to improve the quality of game mechanics and the interaction between players, so we created a characteristic called INFLUENCE. During the game  we had STRENGHT and INFLUENCE characteristics, both from 1 to 6, showing the physical power and the level of influence which could be recognized as persuasion


The Rebels were a LARP which initialy had 22 players but we went up to 33. The story was connected to the real life and based on an apocalyptic scenario. In the story there two worlds: a perfect world called Bona Sona and the rebels  world which was in the cannals of this perfect city. Citizens were supposed to take a lot of pills due to the disease that has spread in the world after the catastrophe which destroyed the normal  world  and lead to the story we presented.


The biggest surprise of this LARP was that there was one more place connected with the story itself and the players didn’t know about. There was a plane crash and people found Bona Sona and they integrated as normal citizens and started to be treated as such.


After many, many days of work and preparations for the LARP, we had the chance to see the results. They were amazing: people who played for the first time found it extremely entertaining, their level of self-confidence has increased, they went out of their confort zone, they spoke in English, they used their creativity in the game itself and they were very enthusiastic about their performance when we had the evaluation of the LARP.

LARP organized during international youth project in frames of Key Action 1 of European Erasmus+ programme.

‘The Rebels’

Live Action Role Play during international Youth Exchange ‘Gate of Dreams’ (06.08.2017, Motycz Leśny, Poland). Erasmus+ ‘Youth’, KA1

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