Our LARP during Erasmus+ youth exchange in Poland

posted on 2016-07-30 by Andrzej Smyk


Young people from Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Czech Reepublic had chance to play our LARP ‘Where is Laura’. Game was a part of international youth exchange ‘Talking Heads’ in frames of Erasmus+ Youth. During the project young people were discussing important European topics such as: active citizenship, chances for young people, interculturality.


Game was perfect energizer for discussions later on. Group had a lot of fun, game helped them to open and be more confident in next workshops. Check our gallery ;-)

  • th-1-.jpg
  • th-2-.jpg
  • th-3-.jpg
  • th-4-.jpg
  • th-5-.jpg
  • th-6-.jpg
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  • th-8-.jpg
  • th-9-.jpg
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