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posted on 2016-02-02 by Andrzej Smyk


We want to meet In Poland with participants who were involved in our theatre projects focused on Live Action Role Play non formal education method. We will discuss the best scenarios created during past years and publish it. Scenarios cover topics of social exclusion, youth politics, problem of disability and topic of interculturality.


We will engage scenario writers from non formal Live Action Role Play network team and participants of previous training courses and youth exchanges. Where they were creating their own games.


Our needs: Evaluation and increasing quality of our tools, to convey LARPs in new areas, to adapt method to needs of disabled people, development of non formal Live Action Role Play fans Network.


Methods: Integration games, team building, presentation, discussion, brainstorming, work in groups, study visit, Live Action Role Play, press conference, reflection groups, evaluation.


Place of meeting: Zamość, Poland

Host: Zamojskie Voluntary Service Center Association

Dates: 28.08 – 05.09.2016

Number of participants: 19

Participant profile: Project coordinators, volunteers of partner organizations (including disabled volunteers)




Diabetes, prediabetes and metabolic syndrom (Bulgaria)

EDUcentrum o.s. (Czech Republic)

Asociation Evolution (Romania)

Network for European Citizenship and Identity (Cyprus)

Egyutthato Kozossegepito Egyesulet (Hungary)

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