Let’s Be Game Changers in Romania!

posted on 2016-02-01 by Razvan Rotariu


Our project “Let’s Be Game Changers” will be a training course that will bring together 23 youth workers from 9 different countries in Europe, for a period of 9 days of activity, days in which we will tackle the issue of social discrimination, inclusion for minorities from our local communities and we will develop competences on using Live Action Role Play as a tool in our daily struggle to create a multi-cultural and inclusive community in Europe.


Through our project “Let’s Be Game Changers”, we want to focus on several important aspects for the participants in this project and the beneficiaries of our partner organizations:

- The transfer of knowledge on the topic of social inclusion;

- The transfer of knowledge regarding LARP as a non-formal education method;

- The planning of concrete steps towards raising awareness and taking action in our local communities.


The main objective of the project is to educate youth workers on the benefits and merits that Live Action Role Play can have as a tool for social inclusion.


Organizer: Association Evolution

Place: Resita, Romania

Dates: 29.10 - 06.11



Association Evolution - ROMANIA;

Stowarzyszenie Zamojskie Centrum Wolontariatu - POLAND;

Udruzenje “Mladi Volonteri” - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA;

Egyutthato Kozossegepito Egyesulet - HUNGARY;

Association for sustainable development SFERA MACEDONIA - Bitola;

Nevladina organizacija “IUVENTA” - SERBIA;

Brno for you, z.s. - CZECH REPUBLIC;



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