Stop the Loss

posted on 2015-08-20 by Krzysztof Bruzgul


Social problems are rarely put on the front line. During the meetings on previous projects the topic of social exclusion surfaced often. The problem, which too often is left unatended. So the idea of a more international discussion was born. Participants, which are interested in the subject have meet in Zamość to talk about the issue but, above all else, to see a number of potential solutions.


Here the participants have had a perfect opportunity to talk with the older as well as the younger people who suffered from social exclusion.  24 young people from Bulgaria,  Romania, Greece and Poland took part in it. We have advertised possibilities of Erasmus + programme to our local societies.


The main method of this youth exchange was of course Live Action Role Play. We decided to use our ‘school scenario’ to show social problems of young people. We hope that you will like gallery from this game!

Host: Art Avanti Asociation
Date: 2-9.10.2015
Place: Zamość, Poland
Countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece

Grant: Erasmus+, KA1

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