Mobilizing Europe - We’re Back

posted on 2015-07-28 by Andrzej Smyk


     Second part of july was a great time for more LARPs. Youth house in Motycz Leśny near Lublin was full of young people involved in project “Mobilizing Europe – We’re Back”. Youth from Poland, Germany and Northern Ireland was participating in Youth Exchange about entrepreneurship and social exclusion.


One of main methods of work was LARP. We have decided to use scenario called ‘Where is Laura?’ which shows how complicated is structure of typical class at high school. Our participants had chance to check how it is to be on the other side – being teacher, psychologist, headmaster… or how it is to be student with problems which are typical nowadays.


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Dates of meeting: 18-27.07.2015

Grant: Erasmus+, KA1

Place: Motycz Leśny n. Lublin, Poland

Hosting organization: Happy Childhood Foundation

Participating countries: Poland, Germany, UK

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