You(th) are the conflict manager!

posted on 2013-10-30 by Andrzej Smyk


     We are happy to sohw you description of next project where Live Action Role Play is one of main methods of non formal education. The project You(th) are the conflict manager! join together 22 youth from 10 countries (Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Hungary,Turkey Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, United Kingdom) at Baile Herculane, Romania.

They will work together using nonformal learning methods, in general role play and LARP methods, to understand more about the modality to resolve a conflict. 


The main theme of the project is to use nonformal methods to solve or to help some important youth problems like train them how to revolve the conflitcs very diplomatic. The youth will be put in the situation when they can act a role and can express his fears, or can understand by being in the role of a abused and abuser.


The project combines 2 main topics: presentation of the LARP method and of the modalities how to stop the conflicts.


During our youth work experience we notice that the youth are learning easier and more thru practice methods (learning by do it). Also we notice that the LARP method is not so used in Romania and is used in just some partner countries. Thru the activities of project we want to offer the help of the partner organization and to present them the LARP method like a modality/ methodology that can be used in the youth work for the youth to earn easer some key competence.


The main aim of the project is to raise the creativity of youth introducing LARP method like a Non Formal way of learning that can be used in the daily activities. One of the secondary aim of the project is to support the inclusion of the Roma youth and LGBT youth in the group of participants. In this modality we want the participants to earn inclusion skills and a nondiscriminatory attitude.


The objectives are of the project are the following:


- To develop the capacity of 11 youth NGO’s from all around Europe which work with youth during the project implementation;

- 22 young people, youth workers, social workers from Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Turkey will learn to use LARP (live active role playing) method for the work whit young people during this project implementation;

- Inclusion of Roma youth and sexual minorities within the group of participants

- To promote and experiment a new working method of Non Formal education, the LARP concept it’s less known as learning method;

- Will be developed the cooperation and youth participation from 10 countries from different areas of the European continent to ”fight” and to be ”beat” to understand more about peace and more about who to create it;

- Will be developed the cooperation in the field of youth work between youth NGO’s from 10 European countries during this project implementation.

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