The preparatory meeting finished on 6th December

posted on 2009-12-07 by andrzej

On December 4, after receiving our Italian and Bulgarian partners at the airport in Warsaw we went to the Youth Meetings House in Motycz Lesny. Then we went for dinner in Lublin, where several members of “Grimuar” joined in. We were enjoying a lively chat but the weariness after a whole day’s journey soon convinced us to get some sleep. After all, we had a whole day of work ahead of us.

After their incredibly long journey the Turkish group joined us on Saturday and after a quick breakfast we went on to present the partners and discuss the programme of the exchange. Working in groups we decided on the framework of the program and the most important activities connected with designing a LARP. We also agreed on the rules of the contract for all the participants to sign.

In the afternoon we went to Lublin for a walk in the old town. We climbed the Trinitarian Tower and plunged into Lublin’s underground system of cellars with exhibitions telling the story of how the city was set up. We took some great photos and learned a lot of interesting facts. After a peculiar dinner in Mamma Mia we headed back to Motycz where we rounded off the discussion of the programme. After the refurbishment, we had one of the most amusing games of charades when, among other things, we learned the proper pronunciation of the word macaroni :-).

On Sunday everyone set off on the journey back home. But I suppose even then most of us could not help imagining how it would be like in January 2010.

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