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posted on 2012-12-04 by Andrzej Smyk


From today we are proud owners of our next publication - ‘Imaginary Realms - Youth in Action LARP Projects Handbook’. Book was prepared during 4.3 project “Imaginary Realms - evaluation meeting for the coordinators and partners of ’Under the wings of imagination’ “.


We have shared our experiences from previous projects and gave some tips for future coordinators how to work with groups using theater methods. It was great summary of our work on the projects in last 3 years. WE hope that it’s not the end and we will be bigger and bigger ;-)


This book is the result of a long lasting cooperation and active engagement into Live Action Role Play games of hundreds of young people who decided to share this passion with their European peers.


It aims to present the reader with results of the ‘Youth in action’ project, thanks to which, in a relatively short period of time, an extensive European partner network has been formed with the thought of cultivating common passions of young people with different cultural backgrounds.

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