Preparatory meeting in december

posted on 2009-11-30 by andrzej

     The preparatory meeting of the program ‘’Under the wings of imagination’’ will be held on 04-06 XII 2009 in Motycz Leśny near Lublin. Following participants will take part in the meeting: Petya Kulina, Veselina Nikolova (International Initiatives for Cooperation – Razlog, Bulgaria), Gloria Bandello, Paolo Ciriolo (Your European Twins – Specchia, Włochy), Murat Turkyilmaz, Basar Cakici (Sivas Educators Association - Sivas, Turcja), Andrzej Smyk (Happy Childhood Foundation – Lublin, Polska), Malwina Otto, Łukasz Kita, Marcin Słowikowski, Dorota Trojanowska, Daniel Krzaczkowski, Radosław Kryśko (Club of Fantasy Friends and RPG Gaming Grimuar – Lublin, Polska).

     The main aim of the meeting of the organizations’ representatives will be to establish daily schedule of the January program, division of the duties, regulations, as well as the places which will be visited by the participants during the project. We hope that the outcome of the preparatory meeting will help us to conduct our program effectively.

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