First day of Under the wings of imagination III

posted on 2011-02-01 by andrzej

All participants are already in Vente village. Trip was long and quite hard. Polish group needed to go through snowy roads in the big fog, but  view of the landscape was amazing specially at the end of the road. Hungarian group needed to go to Warsaw, and from there to Klajpeda through Vilnius. Everything because of plane’s delay.


We were tired yesterday, but everyone was happy to see the new place and new people. Today is tuesday and we have integration from very beginning of the day. We are trying to remember our names which is not so easy. We were checking the area outside, it is very cold but it is great to walk on frozen sea for a few minutes ;-).

Soon we will show you a lot of photos from the first two days. Till that time. Take care :D

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