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posted on 2011-01-25 by Patrycja Zakaszewska


The newest kind of fantasy games have surprised everybody. In 1993 Wizards of the Coast, a small company from Seatle which produce role-playing games. This company  published a card game. The card game is based on fantasy game.

Players have become wizards which have been fighting each other. They have to cite various creatures and cast a spell. It happens  with deck of cards: a player takes a card from his pack and casts a spell on his opponent. In order to make the game more fascinating , the authors designed a few hundred  patterns of cards. Every sold pack of cards had been chosen randomly.

It means that you never know how cards your opponent can have, so you have to formulate a strategy. If you want to collect a full set you need to swap the cards with your friends. In this way you have fun of playing and preparation for it too. The game is situated in world which calls Dominaria and name of this game is Magic: the Gathering.

The first batch of cards (2 500 000), which they called Alpha, had disappeared from shelves for several weeks. As a next package-Beta(10 000 000 cards) had emerged as soon it sold. Printed supplement was necessary. The last batch “Unlimited” (35 000 000 cards). In total they printed a few billion of cards and they estimate that there are millions of players.

Since when Magic:the Gathering’s premiere was, many other  games were edited but this game still be marketed.

The game consist in citing creatures on playing field out of cards witch you holding in your hands. Every card has specific possible attack and defence. During your round, you can dispatch your creatures to attack your opponent and if it is possible he/she can stop you by his/her own creatures. Except for this a player can use cards which serves to describe various magic. It strengthens your creatures or weakens power of opponent. You have to start game with 7 cards and at every round you take one more. The winner is that player which will deprive his opponent about 20 points of his endurance.

Magic:the Gatheringowes a part of popularity to DCI’s tournaments (Duelists’ Convocation International). Wizards of the Coast manages this organization and aims to promoting this kind of competition. Points on Magic’s tournaments are calculating like on chess tournaments and DCI leads ranking of players. The best have a chance to take part in world championship in Seatle.

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