Monte Rosa

posted on 2010-09-11 by Veselina Nikolova

     At last it was time for the second big LARP in our timetable - “Monte Rosa”. As I was involved in its preparation I was nervous and worried for whole day.  I was asking myself all kind of questions – “Are we going to give the characters sheets on time, is everything written without any mistakes, did the players have good tasks and etc.”

 In a moment everything around me started to change.  The building became a ship, I could hear the sound of the waves from every corner; I could see beautiful ladies clothed in the fashion of 30’s going here and there; gentlemen talking about the politics in Germany and then I realized that the LARP has started. We all were on the board on “Monte Rosa” and she was on her way from Hamburg to London, the year was 1936. 

It looked as if it was a normal voyage but then strange things started to happen. At first nobody could find the Captain of the ship, later one dancer disappeared, rumors were spread that there was a killer on the ship but Herma Blohm (the owner of Monte Rosa) was absolutely sure that it was only an accident.  There were also many problems with the people from the lower level of the ship who were going on the places for the rich passenger. Gerthruda Voit for example was extremely unpleased by this and new captain was appointed to deal with all this problems and suddenly from who knows where the old Capitan Zelig came out and a big mess among the passenger followed. Then I heard screams from the engine room of the ship, arguments between passenger on the deck and all sounds were mixed and I saw how the sailors are running and screaming that the ship is sinking….  “Monte Rosa’ sank in the sea and the Youth house in Motycz Lesny was again our building.

After the end of the LARP we discussed everything what happen, who we were and to draw the end line Andrzej showed the inspiration for this LARP – real guide book about London from 1936, the ticket of a passenger of Monte Rosa (Sigfried Voit), leaflet for the Cabaret on the ship, more information about the ship that every passenger has received. This was the final drop that made us to believe that we were really passengers on the board of “Monte Rosa”.


‘Monte Rosa’ - LARP

This is the LARP made in polish bulgarian cooperation. Participant from bulgarian group, Veselina Nikolova started to write this some time before the programme. Michał Kuśmierowicz joined her and at the end Live Action Role Playing Game for nearly 20 people was ready. One of the biggest attractions in second part of our project.

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