Another day on the programme

posted on 2010-09-08 by Dorota

The morning session was a bit different as a part of the group went to Lublin for a meeting. For the rest of us, the day started with two kinds of activities: theatre workshop run by Marcin, and literature workshop led by Dorota and Łukasz.

    In the former, after a short integrational game the group played various scenes. The participants presented short stories the main theme of which was ‘winning and losing’. Then, the workshops passed on to acting in accordance to the different pieces of music that Marcin played.

    The other workshop, if less crowded, was no less active. Several creative writing exercises were used to spurr the participants’ imagination. They wrote several short stories about a strange meeting and a poem, entitled The Chapel of Disease. We also listened to the stories of an underground labirynth hidden behind a waterfall and of the best day in the life of a tablecloth.

    After this very inspirational morning, we could pass on to something totally different.

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