9th September

posted on 2010-09-09 by Annamária Apró

We are sitting in a locked room, glancing at each other with suspicion. There is yet another sneeze, someone is coughing in the corner.
Normal cold?
Yeaaah, right.
And finally, it happened. Soon after breakfast something weird started to happen to all the people here. It started with some golden, Arabic symbols appearing around Kristian’s eyes while he was staring in the mirror, astonished. Then, the shadows on Arturs’ face became more pronounced and there was a somewhat demonic glint in his eyes. He began to laugh… When he put on his black robe and left the building without saying a word, we all shivered…
Then suddenly, things started to happen one after another: Mantas started to growl, Domas/Tautvidas went green and Irena’s eyes went back into her head. Blood was all over them.
The building was flooded by madness. Bizarre marks appeared on our faces. Someone went grey, other’s faces were scarred or appeared to have a tattoo.
Each transformed, lead by an instinct difficult to grasp, rushed in the direction of the one person…
“Stop! Don’t move!”
Then, the sound of the shutter and a flash.
Blinded by the the lamp, we blink several times and look at each other.
We’re once again the same people we were before. Toni smiles:
“Parlay”, she whispers, and I almost can hear the sound of sails and the cry of seagulls, even though we’re still standing in Motycz, in the house backyard and she’s wearing her usual jeans and t-shirt.
And the photographs constitute the only evidence of the reality being bended for a short moment…

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