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posted on 2010-09-07 by Annamária Apró

     They came to shoot us. Shoot with a killing camera a deathly film about how cockeyed are we in all this crazy costumes, freaky make-ups, with our outlandish stories. They came and took us to the forest and asked us to fight. -Catfight!!!-kffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-huffed Gosia and Tony in an extraordinary way to show how just women can fight (like pussy pussy angry cats).

Zombiewalk!-was the second instruction, so we-like obedient children-pretended to be escapees from the psychiatry and walked like agressif zombies. Cool! And once more. And once again, in a more agressif way! In the end, we wanted just see the blood of the cameraman flowing down from the lens slowly, slowly, slowly getting faster…And that wasn’t the end of our affliction! The fantastic director wanted to shoot an Oscar prized documentary about the programme, so we went to the famous Motycz railway station (one train per a day…), to jump out from the train, be very surprised about were the hell we are and have a fight in the rails in our very nice costumes (temperature: 4 degrees). And once more. And once again! And die in the rails finally. When I’ll die definitely and become probably a zombie, I’ll search them and…

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