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posted on 2010-08-31 by Łukasz Kita

     The Polish group is participating in the programme for the second time. Just like during the previous exchange, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience about fantasy/science fiction with people from other countries. We think that people from our group have many things to share with others. Many of the participants from our team are also members of “Grimuar” club, which associates students and young people interested in the topic of this exchange.

We are also looking for new things to learn. In order to develop ourselves in the topic of our interests we need to look for some new approaches. We hope, of course, that apart from sharing our knowledge and learning new things we will find new acquaintances so that we could continue our work in the future.

We’re counting on the next project to be held in some other country so that we can expand our experience even more. We hope that other people share our hobby as much as we do.

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