The Seed

posted on 2010-09-06 by Annamária Apró

     You’ll be the evil queen-she whispered in my ear. The ear’ll be an important bodypart later…So my task was to grow corns and a tail, and turn my eyes into red in one day (I should ask Michael who has a pretty red eye, how to do it professionally…). This was my very first LARP, a drama without written paroles in advance, a neverending improvisation with surprising situations (par exemple I was killed by my husband, the king who was cursed by a birdy daemonish lady).

But to start at the beginings, I was the witchy queen who poissonned her lovely and loved king by dripping deathly poison into his ear (left or right, it wasn’t specified) every night, to become bigger queen than Freddy Mercury. I felt really guilty when my sweetheart asked me several times if he could trust me, and the answer was: I’m the only one you can trust, my Dear!

When he finally died, I didn’t know if the cause was my sweet eary poison or something else, but I hadn’t got even enough time to bury him in a royal way, ‘cause he suddenly appeared in the castle and sent me in the jail. What a surprise! But in the end, the dark side (so I ) won, with the usefull help of a non-Edwardish vampire who resucitated me and than I just put a spell on my king and killed him without any fight. Love doesn’t last forever.


06.09.2010 “The Seed” - ‘UtWoI II’

Here you can find photos from the second edition of our LARP - ‘The Seed’. Game was very exciting and same interesting as in january. We are waiting for 3rd one.

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