Hungarian girl in Lublin…

posted on 2010-09-03 by Annamária Apró

     Search for glasses and ponytail!-he said. But I had no time to think about or search him, ‘cause I found myself in a car next to the proprietary of the glasses and the ponytail, mostly I was picked up from the bus and kidnapped. I had no clue where we were heading from Lublin, in small and even smaller, muddy roads, fast and even faster…He laught at me, while the car’s speed reached 120 km/h, I smiled too, but not in the same way…Finally, we arrived to the middle of nothing, between goats, dogs and a cute little cat, so it’ll be probably a zookeeper training.

I tried to find my place as the head of the hungarian group and the very very only one hungarian (in that moment, seemed that the last one in the world). The integration happened ‘in medias res’, ‘cause I was choosen for the role of the most famous celebrity of that night, the star of the stars in the flashmob around the old town of Lublin. Girly girls are dreaming about becoming a well-known personality (or the BFF of Paris Hilton…), but to be famed is not so easy. With my best-best guard and security man, I tried not to be touched by hundreds of screaming fans (somebody even tried to kiss me!), hide myself and finally run, just run for escape and survive.

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