Flash Mob

posted on 2010-09-04 by Olya, Andrejs, Łukasz

The morning began with some kind of rush and everyone was nervous,  but somehow during the day we, the mobbers, prepared one great and really fantastic flash mob. To prepare the event, we needed to find a true celebrity - a real superstar. Luckily, we had a huge group from Hungary who happened to contain a celebrity - Anna Maria. That was the half of the problem. Next was the bodyguard for who we were looking for almost half a day. Suddenly, with a train of thought we found a guy from the Latvian group as an ideal bodyguard, so everything we were missing was a pair of sunglasses.

Everything was ready to set off. The visitors of the old town in Lublin didn’t have any idea that the city will be visited by a superstar. “Look – Anna Maria! Anna Maria!” – loud cry disturbed peaceful and calm visitors. Many people were confused, surprised and shocked. Many rumours have spread around the town. “Who is she, what is she doing here, where did she come from?” The fans were screaming and begging for photos and autographs.

Until reaching the castle the mob faded slowly for town visitors but settled deeper and deeper in mobbers memory. That was something fantastic! But that’s not all. Mobbers were full of energy and couldn’t calm down. Another idea was born. The “Zebra” was field of flash mob. We made an endless pedestrians line – a magical wall, so drivers couldn’t pass it. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times while mobbers were satisfied. Till the next time :p


03.09.2011 “The Star - Flash Mob” ‘UtWoI II’

This is tradition on our programmes. This time famouse star Anna Maria came to Lublin late evening. Fans were ready to meet her!

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