First days

posted on 2010-09-03 by Daniel Krzaczkowski, Luise Traeger

     On 1st September 2010 every group taking part in “Under The Wings Of Imagination II” arrived after long journeys in the Youth Meeting Centre in Motycz Leśny near Lublin. After a night of rest we got to know each other better while taking part in funny and active integration games which was the best possibility to remember other people’s names. This action took its time – or can you immediately remember a name like Tautvydas or Małgorzata?? We also learned some Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Bulgarian words during the Language Animation Workshop.

So now we can say “hello” in every language of the project participants ;-)The second workshop was Intercultural Communication. It showed us the differences in our cultures about which we wouldn’t even think. Interesting! To integrate people even more, we built three mixed teams who took part in a music quiz requiring a lot of physical activity and “talent”. The red, blue and green team did a good job in answering the tricky questions and performing different “national” songs, which you will see very soon on our site.

Evenings are filled with a vast offer of chill out rooms like “Brainwash for LARP Beginners”, fantasy films, RPG sessions and discussions on the topic. We wanted to have a bonfire in the evening, sitting together with Polish fatty sausages, but the rainy weather didn’t let us this happen.

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