Under the wings of imagination I - After The Programme

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     Seven days of hard work in international task groups creating the plot, mechanics and scenography resulted in creating a LARP never seen before. The LARP was written and played by participants from four different countries, in English. It features traditions, legends and national heroes from our countries, which were incorporated into the cosmology, beliefs, races etc. of the unique world we created.

The world is one of many seeds growing on the tree-universe. Confined in a shell, for ages it had been unchanging and undying until one day the shell cracked, when, as legend has it, one of the first human wise men and rulers set off to fathom the structure of the universe. As a result, wind permeated the world through the crack and disturbed the balance. Long winter set in and when the snow began to melt, seasons started to emerge along with corresponding gods.
Each of the four gods (spring, summer, autumn and winter) found his believers (priests) who learned to use the magic of the four elements (water, fire, air and earth). But the wind had also brought an unknown energy (eter) which started seeping into the world and transforming it. A representative of one of the immortal ancient races (Uatu) curious about the nature of the eter flew towards the crack and saw death. It was then that he realized that eter was an energy of destruction, which set the world in the cycle of life and death. When he returned, he was no longer immortal.
The LARP begins with the wedding reception of the priestes of spring and the priest of summer. During the ceremony Uatu appears and warns the guests against eter since he was touched by it and he is dying now. During the LARP the players will have to decide alone weather to consider the crack and the seeping eter a threat.
We are finishing preparations for the LARP. All the players look really impressive in their costumes and makeup: the royal couple, the wise man, priests of the four gods, mercenaries, dwarven pirates, the dreamweaver, the harpy, the homunculus, the succubus and all the independent characters. Sensational scenography of various interiors representing different places in the world creates a truly magical atmosphere. We await impatiently as the game masters explain all the special rules and the LARP begins at 10 p.m.
Till 1 a.m. plotting, contemplating, analyzing, talking, dueling, ritual dancing, searching for artifacts, stealing, flirting and promising reach their apogee. Most players have fulfilled their objectives and the time for the grand finale has come. Then, suddenly… we can’t give you the details of course. ;P
Suffice it to say that the LARP is full of memorable moments that will remain vivid in the minds of both the players and the game masters.

07-15.01.2010 ‘UtWoI I’

Here are the photos from first part of our project.

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