Under the Wings of Imagination I - Before the programme

posted on 2010-08-25 by admin


    During our nine-day meeting in an educational centre in Motycz Leśny nearby Lublin, we got to know each other in a group of 36 peopleand showed one another how fantastics – our passion, could help in building a language of communication between young people from Poland, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey.


We had two main goals: (a) developing strategies for acquainting young people with fantastics (b) writing and executing an international theatrical role playing game (LARP), where all the participants created the storyline by playing their roles. We achieved these aims in organizing various presentations and workshops about native role playing games systems, historical and legendary figures from our countries, fantasy literature from our partner countries, and historical outfits, among others.

     During our excursion to Lublin we visited historical places, and through group games and performing tasks (simulation game) we learnt ways of promoting our cultural heritage while we were working on our project. We also organized plays and integration games combined with language animations; this made our work more efficient and let us get to know one another better. At the end of our meeting we shared our impressions from the official testing of our ‘creation’ and we decided how to employ the experience we had gained in organizing next projects. We also agreed on our activities for the nearest future and on the way of publishing our games and making them available for all the young people who may take interest in our hobby.

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