Let’s begin “The Seed”

posted on 2010-01-14 by andrzej

A week of preparations, workshops, integration games and a lot of work for only a few hours of the actual game of LARP “The Seed” (that’s the name, which was given to the LARP, when it was nearly finished). Most part of the day was spent on final preparations, decorating places necessary for the game, trying on the costumes, putting on make up, last adjustments of the plot and giving character sheets to players.

It was only around 10 p.m. when the players gathered in the conference room, transformed into a fantastical forest, to listen to the final guidelines. The LARP began when all the players went to the banquet hall for a solemn wedding reception, which was suddenly interrupted by…

Let the main plot of the LARP remain our secret, for the time being..

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