Trips, Trips, Trips…

posted on 2010-01-11 by andrzej

     The international group from „Under the Wings of Imagination” programme spent the day away from Motycz. After breakfast everyone got inside the bus and traveled to Lublin. There, after some sightseeing of the Old Town, the group did their first flash mob.

For several minutes the participants froze in place on the pedestrian zone; after that they split to have an hour of free time. When it finished the second flash mob took place; a book store in Lublin Plaza mall was visited by a famous movie star from abroad (one of the programme participants) and she was greeted by her fans (the rest of the group) who demanded autographs and photos with her.

After the second flash mob ended, the group came back to the bus and set off to Zamość. Time was passing by very quickly and soon the participants went to do some sightseeing of the Zamość Old Town. This part of the trip also included trying some Polish cuisine in the local restaurants. It also helped people to warm up a little after walking in cold weather.

A return trip to Motycz began in the late evening. After the arrival the group had their dinner and had the rest of the evening for themselves to rest after an exhausting day.

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