Charades, Setting, Turkish Evening…

posted on 2010-01-10 by andrzej

This day started with a game of Charades. It is an important exercise which helps people to cooperate and communicate with one another.

Later the group started to work on one of the most important things in LARP – setting. While split into eight-person groups, people created small parts of the world in which the game will take place.

Next part of the program was about all the countries’ national heroes. With four short presentations people had the opportunity to learn about scientists, adventurers, kings and revolutionaries.

Before dinner serious work in planning the LARP has started. The plot, mechanics and scenography groups began to put their thoughts and ideas together.

This time the evening was planned by the Turkish group. They presented some information and traditions connected with their culture. Of course the Turkish cuisine was also a part of the event.

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