Beginning of the programme

posted on 2010-01-08 by andrzej

Integration day is always one of the most important parts of the programme. People have the chance to get to know each other through some “ice-breaking” games. That’s a great way to experience the first contact with other cultures - by learning new things while having fun.

People from Polish group prepared Intercultural Communication and Language Animations Workshops and organised the integration game “Kings of 40”.

The evening started with a presentation about the main goal of the program – LARP (Live Action Role-Play). The Polish and Bulgarian groups showed how do LARPs look in their countries.

LARPs in Bulgaria:
LARPs in Poland:

The Polish cultural evening started after that. The most interesting and funny trivia about Poland were presented to the other participants. The special attraction was tasting of traditional Polish cuisine.

At the end of the day people could relax by choosing between a lot of activities: watching movies, playing board games and RPGs, discussing literature and other things. Of course, everything was fantastics-oriented!

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